Our Mission

At Kay Green Design, our mission is everything: to make your life easier and your business and community more successful. While our innovative interior designs are what we do, our customers, staff and community define who we are. These extraordinary people behind the scenes drive our business and push us to exceed all expectations.

We are 100% ethical and committed to always doing what’s best for our clients, staff and community. Our loyalty and dedication, as well as the number of staff who have been with us for many years, speak volumes. Both our clients and staff are like family, and we try to enrich their lives as much as possible. Internally, we are only as strong as each of our employees, and their happiness and fulfillment determines our strength in servicing our clients. We promote and support our staff’s lives outside of work, encourage vacation time, offer exceptional benefits and more.

Our team also partners with our clients and staff on local and national charities for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Central Florida Children’s Home Renovation, the Orlando Ronald McDonald House, our local firemen and more. Through our designs, customer service, employee relations and community involvement, we do our best to provide our clients, staff and community a more beautiful, prosperous place to live.