Multi-Family Housing

Looking to Attract New Buyers and Renters to Your Rental Properties and Leasing Offices? Our Interior Designs are Staged for Success!

Specializing in repositioning and acquisitions, Kay Green Design’s strategic interior merchandising will transform your apartment community into one that people are ready to lease! Through interior finishes, built-ins, custom molding details, designer furnishings and accessories in your clubhouse, leasing offices and apartment models, we paint the picture of a lifestyle that pulls on the heart strings of your traffic. Just ask our clients. After we merchandised Providence Court’s apartment community clubhouse, occupancy increased from 91% to 96.7% and the average lease count more than doubled from six leases per week to 16!

Just like Providence Court, you too can see your lease count increase significantly with the right professional interior design firm like Kay Green Design. Your apartment community can be an inviting prospect where hopeful buyers and renters go from “Oh, I’m just looking” to “I have to live here!”