Sales Center Design

Tempt Your Target Customers with a Sweet Taste of What Life Should Be Like with Our Sales Center & Clubhouse Designs.

It’s all about lifestyle. What type of lifestyle do you want your sales center to convey to potential new homebuyers? Are you targeting young, first-time homeowners seeking social environments for entertaining friends? Or, should your community attract young families looking for fun activities and outdoor spaces to play with the kids? At Kay Green Design, we know how to create interiors that captivate the lifestyles of a broad range of targets, with price points to match. Just browse our extensive Sales Center Design portfolio and see for yourself!

Your sales center should sell your buyers on the allure of your community. Merchandising these spaces with the right information, features, amenities, finishes, colors and furnishings will help sell your community. When we’re done with your space, your buyers won’t be able to picture themselves living in any other community than yours!